The best testimonial, is watching how my students grow in confidence, I love that!

"I came to Jo's class in January 2016 with absolutely no expectations.  I have never painted before or attempted anthing artistic and found this class is more than just an art class. It's a community of people who encourage and learn from each other but the most amazing part is that Jo teaches different techniques, inspires me to believe in myself and encourages me to espress myself through art.  I feel so calm here and feel that I can "do no wrong".  She has instilled in me a love for painting.  A very unique and gifted teacher with a magice touch!  Thankyou."


Jean Scola

Shanee watching Sue

"Jo is an amazing artist and teacher. I have wanted learn to oil paint for a long time but could never pluck up the courage.  By good fortune I met Jo and she offered to teach me and I leapt at the chance!  I had a fantastic day.  Jo is inspirational, she taught me to use oils but more than that she made me believe I could do it.  I can't wait to learn more!"


Shanee Buxton - Head Teacher


"I've not held a paintbrush since I left school, but a few months ago I joined one of Jo's classes and I loved it! 

Not only is Jo a fantastic artist herself, but she's a wonderfully inspiring & patient teacher. She starts you off with some basic techniques which gives a good foundation and you continually learn to build on this. After a few short months, I'm now doing paintings that I would never have attempted before. This is because Jo gives you the confidence to get the paint on the canvas and give it a go! The classes have exceeded my expectations and the added bonus is that we have so much fun!"
Tracy Aldous

"I started Art lessons because I have always admired artists and wanted to paint myself but deep down didn’t think I could. Jo, is the most amazing teacher I have ever met: full of encouragement, support, ideas – I leave my art lessons buzzing with excitement and confidence. The biggest gift she could have given me was the gift to believe in myself and I am forever in her debt for that. I have many of my painting hung up in my living room and visitors are often blown away when I tell them that I painted those – they really do look impressive, I sometimes find it hard to believe that I did actually paint them. And what is incredible is that all of her students create beautiful, inspiring art pieces and that is because Jo has a talent of bringing the best out in you. I love the environment that Jo creates for us, we all support each other and are always inspired by each other’s work and it is such a bonus to enjoy the social aspect of painting with such lovely, friendly people. Thankyou Jo "



"I always wanted to learn how to paint but never took the initiative to start.  Then my friend Craig was part of Jo's Class, gave me my first lesson as a birthday present (a wonderful gift). I was inspired by how Jo made the experience so enjoyable, straight forward and rewarding.  Immediately I was painting a seascape that actually looked like a seascape. I couldnt believe I had created that and I was hooked.  An amazing experience that imporoved with every time I attended Jo's classes.  It is not just the painting but also the friendships you develop with your fellow painters that are so rewarding.  Thank you Jo."


Grant Lumley

"I have never painted, well nothing other than walls and ceilings, so I guess I started your course really just as something different to try.  I had no expectations to be able to actually ‘do’ anything, but wow, I love it.  You’re a great teacher, and I get so completely absorbed in what I am doing I forget everything else.   It’s great fun, and as you say, I can do no wrong"


J xx

"There is certainly a feel good factor about art classes with Jo. I felt I'd learnt so much in just one lesson. She is full of enthusiasm and inspiration wanting each of us to improve our skills and confidence. Can't wait for my next session!" 


Maddie Kirby



" was Introduced to Jo's Art Classes by a friend in June, never had I picked up an art brushin my life.  I was not convinced that this was for me, but was willing to give it a try. On arriving I was made so very welcome by Jo and the other ladies in the group.  I felt very comfortable and had so much fun with  help and being taught by Jo who has more patience and laughter than anyone I know, I produced a wonderful (I think) painting, and was always given so much support and confidence by this lady.  Now serveral months on I'm still painting, tea and great company, and never feeling like I can't do it, because with Jo I can, I know this because she tells me every single week."


Joan Major

I first approached Jo because I wanted to learn how to paint.  What I actually found was something that I did not know I was looking for - a supportive non judgemental community of diverse friends with a common interest in painting.  They all have a positive mind-set, they dont take themselves too seriously and they like to have fun.


I have lots of demands on my time and I rarely commit to anything for long.  Jo's class has been the exception. It is like a sanctuary where I can have fun, shut out all the noise of my life and concentrate on something that is just for me.  I have been going to Jo's Classes now for nearly 3 years- completely unheard of for me.  During that time I have been through a very difficult time with my health.  With hindsight I realise that the subjects I chose to paint were reflections of what I was going through and a part of my journey back to health.  Jo facillitated this without me realising that was what was happening.


Jo creates an environment where each of us can work at our own pace and she gives us the creative licence to paint whatever we want; very different to many art classes that are much more prescriptive and structured.  She supports us not just with painting tecniques but also by encouraging positive persistance and instilling confidence in us that we believe we can do it, and guess what, we can! I always leave her classes feeling better about myself and with renewed energy.


Jenny Gooding

"Jo I wanted to say thank you for everything.  I came looking to learn something about art, but the classes have become much more than that! Laughs,chats,and some painting thrown in! thanks so much"


Petra xxxx

"I started at Jo Alam's Art class after my husband of 58 years died in April 2017. Jo, I have known as a friend for many years suggested I might find painting very therapeutic.  Which I have done. Never having any confidence at art when at school, a very long time ago, I was extremely nervous about trying - but I have loved my Thursdays and have been very pleased with my efforts.  Jo is an extremely kind and enthusiastic teacher always saying "you can do no wrong"!! Indeed Jo is right, the pleasure of being in a room with a number of others all learning and being able to watch Jo helping them with their pictures is so very useful when it comes to our difficulties with our own painting.  The happy atmosphere that Jo creates is wonderful and we all love learning with her help."


Valerie Roberts

"I joied Jo's Art Classes with a friend almost 3 years ago. In that time my Thursday afternoon oasis has become a vital part of my week.  Jo's encouragement and enthusiasm has given me a safe space to escape with my art in an environment where you can do no wrong.  Although my talent is limited I have achieved work that I would not have thought possible and gained in confidence and ability. Thank you Jo x"


Esther Child

"Just did a painting workshop using palette knife. Not only did I bring home a lovely painting t show off, I had such an enjoyable day painting with a group of friends, with coffee and cake breaks. Then to a lovely lunch and back to painting. It was so relaxing and fun that the time just flew by, came back tired but so happy that I have achieved another step in my painting.  Thank you Jo for sharing your art knowledge with us."


Pat Watson

"I have just done one of Jo's Workshops, a full day learning how to produce a piece of art with acrylic and pallet knives, a completely new thing for me, what an amazing day!  I took a wonderful painting home, my husband now thinks I am some sort of art genius, the genius however happens to be Jo, and her belief in everyone who learns with her will be able to paint, and you know what? you can.... We started with a practice board to get the hang of things then with jo doing an example painting that showed the technique we started on the real "thing" all the while Jo was going round the small group helping when needed and instilling confidence, a wonderful day, morning coffee and flapjacks, a very tasty lunch and joy of joy afternoon tea with more delicious flapjacks! what a perfect way to spend your day."


Joan Major

"I so enjoy my lessons with Jo. Her passion for Art is infectious and her love of teaching everone, from complete beginners to the more experienced artists, makes each lesson a joy. Thanks Jo."


 Lorna Forsythe

"I joined Jo's Art group 18 months ago after being recommended by a friend.  I started painting 5 years ago for relaxation.  Jo has taught me so much, the group is fun and inspirational and its amazing to watch everyones progression, whether thay are a beginner or more experienced, through her expertise.  It brings light into my life, a time each week when I can "do no Wrong" to quote Jo - a time for me.  I have also taken part in two workshops using different mediums and tecniques which broadens the whole spectrum of what you can achieve.  Art is a challenging yet incredibly rewarding hobby, I love it! "


Tricia Cook

"I joined Jo's Classes last year after seeing an exhibition in her garden.  I have not painted since school days.  Jo has been a great teacher, talented, patient and kind.  I love the atmosphere in the room and really enjoy the sessions.  I am pleased with the results too. Highly recommend.

I attended a pallet knife workshop one Saturday which was fun.  We learnt how to use the knife and left with a painting of which I'm proud.  It was a really challenging day with a delicious lunch thrown in. "



Jo I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for hosting my very first Art Exhibition! what a wonderful day spent with family and friends enjoying the work of such talented people.  I wanted to also thank you for believing in me and helping me to express myself through art.  Not only has my confidence grown through your encouragement to explore my creative ability but I feel the confidence has transferrred to my daily life.

I feel so blessed to have met you and I want you to know that you are such a unique and gifted teacher and I thank the moon and stars every day for you."


Big Hug Jean

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