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Jo was educated in the U.K but had the privelege to have lived in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, India, Cyprus, which has enhanced her respect and love for different cultures and religions.

Jo has been happily Married for 28 years with three daughters. They emigrated to Australia in 2004 and returned to the U.K in 2013.

Having worked in the IT industry for such Companies as Microsoft in sales and then training, and having owned a number of companies and sold one, Jo is now folowing her passion which is art.

Jo loves to see how people blossom as they gain confidence and begin to own the canvass, and how they express delight as a mistake turns out to be so right. Her students start off in oils as it is such a forgiving medium and they learn that they can do no wrong.

Jo thrives on seeing how mindful her strudents are, how they get lost in the moment which is so rewarding for them both mentally and physically.  It is inevitable that at times a student may lose heart in a piece but with encouragement from their peers and guidance from Jo, they gain further self belief and persevere and end up with a feeling of great satisfation.

Jo finds that by the second block students are begining to fly solo with a little bit of ground control which is so rewarding.

Please feel free to look through Jos gallery where you will see some of her paintings or, her students gallery which is on the bottom of the home page.

Besides her classes on a Thursday and Friday, Jo runs occasional workshops on a Saturday which enables people to try out a new medium and style such as palette knife.  Keep looking out for when Jo runs a retreat which is a number of days painting with like minded people which is such a treat.

Jo is a third year Student on a Transpersonal Art Therapy course at the Tobias School of Art and Therapy in East Grinstead. She spent her second year placement with the Princes Trust working with 18-25 year olds and is now working with an organisation supporting Young Mothers and children in crisis.


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